Sunday, July 6, 2008

The Checklist

This is a list of essential items we believe are needed for the trip, I'm sure it's not complete but it is what we have compiled so far.

1. European breakdown cover
2. European car insurance
3. Travel insurance
4. Passports
5. Driving Licences
6. First Aid Kit
7. Warning Triangle
8. Hi-Vis Waistcoats
9. Bulb kit
10. 2 Cans of Tyre Weld
11. Basic Toolkit
12. 12V Air compressor
13. Sat-Nav
14. European Road Atlas
15. Fire Extinguisher
16. DSLR & DV Camcorder
17. Suction Camera Mount.
18. Tripod
19. Petrol Can
20. Spare Coolant & Oil


Anonymous said...

A petrol can, 1 litre of oil and 1 litre of coolant...just in case. I did a similar trip and found these to be a great safety precaution that don't take up much space.

Bob & Maggie said...


Thanks for that addition, I had forgotten about those items, we will add them to the cjecklist :)

Anonymous said...

No problem, If I think of anythying else, I'll let you know.
I'm Msherry21 on the mr2 forums by the way. Also known as Michael.
Also to have some cash on you at all times, we once had to refuel at a small village in the Alps with only our switch cards, they didn't accept any kind of plastic!
Oh...the adventure!!!