Thursday, August 7, 2008

Day One

Well our journey stared at 3.30 am this morning...fairly uneventful trip from King's Lynn to Folkestone without any drama's (even though Maggie was driving lol). managed to catch the proposed 6.50 am train although infact it didn't leave until 07.00 am.

Managed to get clear of Calais headed for Reims and stopped for petrol...worked out that the V6 had managed to return 27 mpg woo hoo. As we left the petrol station the heavens opened with the biggest downpour we have seen for some time, so much so that 15km down the road we had to stop and take refuge in one of the thankfully frequent rest/picnic areas provided next to the Autoroutes. The UK would do well to learn from our foreign counterparts with regard to this aspect of road travel. In France these rest areas are roughly every 10-20km and have toilets etc.

From dinner time the black clouds vanished and the sun shone...sunglasses were the order of the day and we felt that finally the holiday had begun. Got to our hotel in Strasbourg at a around 4 pm dumped bags and cases and proceeded to walk into central Strasbourg for a well earned beer or two and something to eat.

Back to the hotel for some well earned rest...we will upload pictures as and when.

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