Friday, August 8, 2008

Day Two

Well today started out with some promise (at a decent time of day 9.00am) although it was slightly overcast. An hour down the road and the sun decided to grace us with its presence and stayed with us until just after we crossed the border from Germany into Austria, where it started to drizzle with rain.

At the time this didn’t detract from the stunning scenery and views but it did however spoil the driving somewhat….due to the Austrian drivers seeming inability to go more than 20 kph round corners in the wet. Although this particular number plate we liked!!

By the time we got onto the expressway to Innsbruck it was absolutely hammering down with rain, which made travel quite hazardous due to the spray kicked up. We managed to reach our hotel in the city centre at around 4.15pm.

Quick shower and a walk in the rain into Innsbruck Old Town for something to eat and drink saw us settled for the night.

Tomorrow we start to drive the roads we came here for with a trip from Innsbruck to Meran(Italy) and on to Grosio (Italy) via the Stelvio Pass….cant wait!!

When we manage to get a faster internet connection we have some pictures to upload

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